Meet Lindasson, the Cerebral Self-Producer from the Ottawa Hip-Hop Scene

We don’t catch of lot of curiosity out of the Ottawa hip-hop scene, but when we do, we do in a freeze-over fashion. Lindasson is a self-produced artist who has a poetic, collage capability, pouring words over you like cold air, switching up cadences and styles to suit the mood. As a self-produced artist, the stylistics of his beats & baselines are a welcomed diversion from the internet trends, often dark and chiseled, free from the entry-level pop crossover cliches that abound. Wanting to know more as we do, we reached out to dig into his latest album Flawless, and what happening up on the Richelieu River: 

OnesToWatch: Who is Lindasson? 

Lindasson: Lindasson is a very nonchalant humble individual from Ottawa, Ontario. Throughout this life there’s been many things that shaped me into the person I am today. From learning how to grind everyday with basketball to learning how to be there for my people due to the fact I was sculpted by an amazing late mother of mine. Lindasson is Linda’s Son, and that’s my. My artist name is in memory of my late mother who had a humongous impact on the person I am today. 

What is ‘Flawless’ all about? 

Flawless is pretty much my perception of life. When starting this musical journey I was using recording to vent out anything that came to mind. The more I recorded, the more I came to an understanding of who I am as person. For a while I was conflicted and confused with the type of person I was but when I was able to accept my flaws for what they were and use them to my advantage I was able to accept my self and see the beauty within me for what it truly is. The project itself is an example of the flawless side to me. There’s a lot of diversity with the songs and if you listen closely you’ll hear me touch base on many things going on in my personal live and environment. 

We love your dark and cerebral vibes, how’d you settle on your sound? 

I appreciate that, honestly. It took a lot of experimenting. I had to really challenge my vocal pitch and tones to see where I could take it and what sounded good to the ear. Once I was able to lock in a tone that felt most resonating I was able to play around with the mix and subtle nuances to add different textures to the sound overall. The fact that I'm able to engineer my own music plays a big role on how I found my sound. I came from making beats to audio engineering to then recording my own music. With doing all of that I was able to really know what’s going on with the mixing and sounding side of music. 

Any collaborations or features? Who produced the album? 

On this project there aren’t any new features other than the “A Lot” record that featured Night Lovell & FTG Reggie which was released in 2021. Majority of the production came from close friends of mine. CR Beats is somebody I've known for over 10 years and also started making beats with. He produced “A Lot” as well as a couple other records on the project. Prod Hart is another amazing producer from my city who I have met in the past couple years. AdxFrost produced “Brain Dead” & “Lone Lotus”. AdxFrost is a part of NAVs camp and also produced for him as well. I also got Outby16 on there who produced “Through The Storm”. He's a producer that works closely with Night Lovell. 

How do you feel your sound has evolved or changed since your first album? 

I feel like my sound has taken a turn for the better. Although I'm still experimenting throughout my recording process I feel like I'm on the right path to creating something that can resonate and be around for a long time. My sound has come a long way and I can now say that I'm starting to find my voice and what works well with me. With this second album I feel as if I was able to key in on the darker side of my sound which I really like. 

What can we expect stylistically from you in the future? Constant evolution? 

I would say you can expect evolution at the least, yea. I feel like the more I create the more I find new things within the music that compliment my style for the better. The more I live life and create around it means the better the music and sound gets in my opinion. I’m always trying to push boundaries within myself and I'm excited to see what the future brings. 

Besides this excellent album what else should we be on the lookout for? 

You should look out for more visuals to songs from the album as well as a lot of new music throughout the year of 2024. 

What's inspiring you right now outside of music? 

Life, the constant change and challenges life brings on the daily. Trials and tribulations will forever keep me inspired and humble at the same time. Life will continue to help me grow into the person I need to be as long as I make use of the very few things I have controlled over which is my work ethic and attitude. 

Food group best suited to enjoying your work? 

I would say healthy protein. With the last project I put out I feel like it’s something you can put on while in the gym and what’s a good workout without a great meal after to replenish your body ? I feel like they go hand in hand. 

Musically, who is new but making all the right moves? Who are your current OnesToWatch? 

I would say a good friend of mine that currently makes music too, he goes by the name of Kevy!. There’s a couple other artists from my city such as Lia Kloud and AP. 

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