Abhi The Nomad's  'Modern Trash' Is Environmentally Conscious Hip Hop at its Best


It takes a lot of thought to craft an album like Modern Trash. It's something only  Abhi the Nomad  could do. On the heels of a push from Greta Thunberg and Isra Hirsi to take care of our environment, another prominent voice, this time within the world of hip hop, has decidedly spoken up. Abhi is using his platform to make more than just music; he is making noise. "The Nomad" distinction in Abhi's name isn't without meaning. Having traveled around the world and back again, Abhi is one of the few who has globe-trotted and seen the wonders and pitfalls of humans' own doing.  

And that's the point of his new album, Modern Trash. As focused as the indie hip-hop project is, it's filled with variety. His singles "BTFL" and "Me No Evil" were strong efforts and gave us a proper glimpse into how Modern Trash would sound. "House of Clocks" and "Modern Boi" are R&B focused and reminiscent of Kanye's Graduation Day with   Abhi's witty lyrics about bountiful beats. On the other hand, "Play God" is a really cool combination of dark R&B and emo-styled production.  

But it must be noted that Abhi uses his voice to get more than a rise or a laugh out of his audience. His goal is to create "thoughtful, environmentally conscious hip hop." After "cementing" his place in the world of hip hop with his debut album, Marbled, he's taking his sophomore effort in a different direction by championing a cause. According to Abhi, we are all abusing our power on this planet. Abhi said of Modern Trash,  

"The planet that is clearly crying out to us, to stop the destruction. We can't save it all, but we can each do our part."  

Listen to Modern Trash below:

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