adam brian paul's "Chillin in the Garden" Is Infectious Emotional Decay


The poetic mischievousness of adam brian paul's most recent single "Chillin in the Garden" is telling, providing a sonic glimpse into this brilliant young artist's present and his past. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, and currently settled in Montreal, paul is a man of many moods and talents, all of which evocatively reveal themselves on his latest single.  

A son of Chinese immigrants, paul aka Brian Yim, was directed to achieve in traditional professions by his parents and respectfully took that course to become an engineer before his long held need to create finally countervailed him into music and songwriting. The breadth of his background and education is refined into a truly unique artist persona: amplified, serious, and veering to the extreme. All of which came to light with the release of his 2020 debut EP, wait, the path never ends?, a pure emotional decay sounded by lo-fi indie, post-psychedelic vibes that were punctured by gratingly honest lyrics.

"Chillin in the Garden" is an adventurous romp about a hang with indefinite intentions, a "could it be" scenario with a sonically panicked chorus that palpably shocks the nerves, a "song manifested" from a moment of attraction. The second single off his upcoming debut album For The Good, set to release May 27, it is readily evident that the isolated, insulated nature of the past two years has layered a depth of production to his work. As evidenced on "Chillin in the Garden," there is a certain level of compositional fearlessness mirroring deep therapy, a comfort in being uncomfortable.  

Taken as a prelude to his full-length album, this raw, stratum of emotional depth bodes for a truly definitive music journey, a near brazen introspection indicative of impactful art. It has our attention and it should have yours too. Preemptive accolades aside, paul is on the cusp of celebrated excellence, and you'd be best taking a nice walk with him while it's still a little chill.        

Listen to "Chillin in the Garden" below:

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