Aries Takes Us to "AMY'S GRAVE" in a Surreal and Haunting New Video


Aries is an artist unapologetically afraid to be himself. It is a left-of-field approach that results in a tease for his newest music video being backed by a series of outtakes and the opening song for season 2 of Naruto. Yet Aries' atypical methodology feels wholly refreshing in a day and age where clout and mystery are used as a guise for real substance. And with a sound that effortlessly blends to emo, alternative rock, rap, hip-hop, and electronic production to unprecedented effect, Aries is certainly not lacking in substance.

"AMY'S GRAVE" is taken from Aries' debut mini-album WELCOME HOME, which we named as one of the 15 best albums of 2019 (so far). Quickly becoming a fan-favorite, "AMY'S GRAVE" sees Aries balancing emotional lows with impressive sonic highs. Juxtaposing themes of drug abuse and depression with some of modern-day hip-hop's most prevalent imagery, from prayer hands to BAPE, the entire affair plays out with a self-aware yet despondent air. The end result is the very definition of an exemplary offering of emo rap, melancholic yet larger than life.

The fan-favorite single gets the music video treatment today with a visual that shows off just how far Aries' creative scope extends. Chock-full of not only impeccable production but unpredictable editing effects and sudden transitions that have become a defining feature of the emo rap artist, the video for "AMY'S GRAVE" is a sight to behold. Created by Aries and Mattias Russo-Larson, the music video is surreal, with bargain sheet-wearing ghosts taking on a more haunting aura than they ever have in any Charlie Brown special.  

Watch the video for "AMY'S GRAVE" below:

In addition to dropping a new music video for the fan-favorite track, Aries dropped what fans have been clamoring for - new tour dates, which will take him across North America this fall.  

For more on Aries, revisit the first time we discovered the emo rap star in the making.    

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