AUGUST 08 - "Father Issues" [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

AUGUST 08 brought a whole type of vibe to our latest "All Eyes On" showcase. Finding a home amongst music collective, company, and creative family 88rising, AUGUST 08 is admittedly "the only black one in 88rising." However, he feels perfectly at home climbing to impressive falsettos and exploring impeccably crafted amalgamations of earth-shattering R&B and dance floor hits alongside the whole crew. It is a distinctively remarkable talent we now have the pleasure to showcase in this exclusive video and interview.

Performing "Father Issues," from his critically-acclaimed debut project FATHER, AUGUST 08 made it clear as day why he is an R&B force to behold. Bringing along the whole crew, including our dear friend DUCKWRTH, AUGUST 08 had the whole room on one. And be sure to stick around after the party wraps, to discover the artist behind one of 88rising's most powerful voices.

Born and raised in the area of Los Angeles that typically does not make it into your A-list Hollywood stories, the rapidly rising R&B artist escaped the magnetic pull of street life thanks to his compelling voice and songwriting acumen. Having written hits for the likes of Joji, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, and plenty more, the AUGUST 08 of today stands as 88rising's secret weapon.


Photo: Betawave Media Group

Discover more of AUGUST 08's music here.  

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