BRELAND Proves Himself a Hitmaker With the Infectious "Horseride"


New Jersey native Daniel Breland, known simply as BRELAND, has been writing hits for Atlantic Records since his college days at Georgetown University. Having moved to Atlanta post-graduation, Breland made a living penning hip-hop and R&B tracks for the likes of Jacquees and YK Osiris before ultimately trying his hand at country rap.

His debut single "My Truck" found widespread success after its release in late 2019. The twangy tribute to pickups has since garnered over 23 million streams on Spotify alone. Truck owners everywhere seized the song as an opportunity to show off their rigs, contributing to over half a million videos on TikTok. Country star Sam Hunt remixed "My Truck" in late April, further demonstrating the extent to which the country community embraced the single.

Now, the country rap newcomer is back with another single. "Horseride" arrives as a second glimpse at his upcoming EP, BRELAND. The track was produced by frequent Trey Songz collaborator Edrick Miles.

"Horseride" is an infectious country rap anthem that showcases BRELAND's versatility as an artist. He rapidly switches flows and vocal styles, rapping with a slight country accent one minute and adopting the brazen execution of rappers like Tory Lanez the next. Delivering cheeky lyrics over a catchy trap instrumental, BRELAND shows off his R&B-inspired vocals in the verses, crooning, "We been tearin' the city up / I might cop us a Bentley truck."

BRELAND blurs the edges of country, rap, and R&B with the finesse of a seasoned music veteran and the refreshing unorthodoxy of an industry newcomer. Just two songs into his burgeoning career, and the Atlanta-based artist shows no signs of slowing down. "Horseride" is simply the latest addition to his growing canon of hits.

BRELAND's self-titled debut EP is slated for release on May 22.

Listen to  "Horseride" below:

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