Catching Up with Johnny Stimson in Asia! His Ones To Watch List, 2023 Plans and more!

Hey Johnny! Thanks for joining our 2nd Ones To Watch showcase in Singapore, we had a blast! How was your Asia tour and what were some of your favorite highlights? Your most memorable fan encounter? 

Thank you so much!! It was really an incredible experience to be in Asia again. It has been so special to connect with everybody in real life. I think one of my favorite moments was meeting some of the "Stimmies" in the Philippines. There's a little group of superfans that call themselves the Stimmies and they are the most wonderful people. We've really connected over the past couple of years, so it was super sweet to spend some time with them and finally meet them in real life. They even brought me a "johnny happy jar" that has all these encouraging messages inside for me anytime I need them. they are the best. every show has been so so special and i am feeling really encouraged out here.