DBMK Takes a Glass Half Full Look at the Apocalypse on "Chains"

In everyday life, it's not too often that you get a direct window into someone's mind. We've become experts at hiding what we're thinking and how we are feeling from those around us, whether it's a conscious effort or not. This is generally one reason why people gravitate to artists who give us a glimpse into their innermost thoughts through the songs they write.

Nashville duo DBMK's new song "Chains" is an honest self-reflection that expertly rides the line between alternative pop and rock. It plays out like someone who sat down to write in their journal only to turn it into a jam that's as catchy as it is nostalgic. The track dives deep into musings about self-image, relationships, dreams, and purpose - subjects that we all spend more than our fair share of time pondering.  

Having the guitar drive the song makes you want to move to the rhythm, while the addition of new-age synth hooks creates an ethereal vibe that exudes positive energy. This conveys precisely the tone that DBMK is going for, "we're a generation facing what feels like another apocalypse at the start of every day, but we don't have to spend that time alone... we can even dress up and make it a party along the way," the duo shares.  

With a glass half full view of the ensuing apocalypse type, DBMK is encouraging us to be conscious of what's happening around us and to take life seriously. But not too seriously.

Watch the "Chains" video below:

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