DWELLERS Explore Their  Innate Melodrama on  "Iced Coffee"

The self-produced duo composed a song that can be described in one simple word: enticing. The ever so charming DWELLERS are truly making a name for themselves with their new single entitled "Iced Coffee". An easy listen that creates a calming atmosphere. The duo is on to something that is bound to stick.

Touching on the anxiety that simple social interactions can cause, they explore the vulnerability of your self-conscious mind. The duo speaks further on the meaning behind the song, “Our song 'Iced Coffee' explores the innate melodrama that comes along with simple, yet complex social interactions. It is inspired by a thirst for meaningful connection that is hindered by fear and disparity towards sincere vulnerability.”

The tone between both of their vocal abilities is something to die for. They blend effortlessly, you can feel yourself melting into the song. The glistening guitars layered over the vocals create an incredibly sedative ambience that will leave you lost in your thoughts. Thinking back to all the times that could've been different if you set your vulnerability aside and just went for it. The duo is embracing an emotional connection between their listeners and them through their music. A task that seems so simple, but is so difficult to genuinely establish. DWELLERS are a name that should be embedded into your brain now, because the future is bright for them and this is your chance to be a part of the journey to success.