Emma Oliver Breaks Down Her Barriers on "Getting Older"

On her latest and most intimate song to date, Emma Oliver breaks down the barriers she's been trapped behind and lets us into her world. "Getting Older" is a ballad dedicated to her own personal mental health awareness. Understanding and accepting depression is the first step to bettering yourself, and with a song like "Getting Older," Emma tells her story in hopes that it will resonate with others feeling alone and let them know they aren't.

Some songs just flow out of the artist with ease. Feeling caught in the moment and writing the best material you ever have is beyond rewarding. Emma Oliver explains that this is a song she wrote at a studio in Brooklyn. Sitting down and letting the piano speak to her, she began the journey of creating "Getting Older".

“I wrote this song in Brooklyn in the studio with loyalties working on my EP. I got homesick and a little sad and just sat down at the piano and started writing. I put a lot of myself in this song and I’m nervous and excited to share it with the world. I hope that people who deal with mental health like I do, can relate and know that they are never alone. It’s important to hold on to the people you love and know it’s OK to ask for help during hard times.”

Her honesty and emotion pour into every line she sings. She captures every defeated moment she's endured and projects that imagery into every listener's mind. The production is crisp and minimal, allowing us to hone in on her stellar vocal performance. "Getting Older" is an ode to the ones feeling lost and just looking to grab on to something to feel a little less alone.