Fall in Love With Snarls in New Single "Heavy Drinker" | THE NOISE

It's been four years since Columbus, Ohio rock band snarls (comprised of vocalist/guitarist Chlo White (she/her), bassist/vocalist Riley Hall (she/her), and guitarist/vocalist Mick Martinez (she/her)) took the world by storm with their infectious debut album, Burst. Now, before releasing their upcoming sophomore album With Love, they are back with yet another spectacular track, "Heavy Drinker." Created in Norway with Chris Walla, the new effort is an ode to early snarls with catchy call-backs and walls of distorted guitars.

The single wades in the waters of hook-heavy pop, 90s alternative, shoegaze, and heart-on-a-string indie-rock. Opening with rich guitar riffs, thrumming bass lines, and steady percussion patterns, the track erupts into a lavish soundscape that balances high-powered guitars with ethereal vocal harmonies, constructing a sound uniquely intimate to the moment it was made. "It encapsulates everything we love about our band with a fresh take," the band said in a statement.

The accompanying music video, written and made by the band, opens with a beer can falling out of the fridge and rolling to Martinez's feet. She initially spends the day drinking on the couch before heading out to a bar and catching a show. She catches the performance of a woman drunkenly singing on stage, ultimately becoming enamored with the karaoke singer and staring longingly as she repeats the line, " I know I’m not her type of girl."

The single is the second to be released ahead of their upcoming album, With Love, out May 3. Thematically, snarls tackle empowerment, self-reflection, queer love, and more, with every song itself being an expression of love to a friend, lover, or one's self. "We wrote this record during a time of serious introspection for the whole group, and it covers all kinds of topics from love to loss, confidence to self-loathing, all the various ups and downs we've gone through in such a transformative period of time."

Check out snarls' latest single, "Heavy Drinker," today!

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