Fiji Blue Injects Us With a Much Needed Dose of Summer on  "I Should've Told You"


It seems as if the dynamic Fiji Blue duo strikes again with another banger to get us through this long summer. With the release of their brand new single, "I Should've Told You," they prove that they have a lot more tricks up their sleeves. The creative duo is quickly moving toward top 40 radio play, and we're calling it right now.

Fiji Blue always has a way of creating a song with incredible dance elements, but manages to keep the message clear and heartfelt. "I Should've Told You" is a song about a relationship's last breath. The part of the relationship where one person is on their way out, and the other is sitting lost in their thoughts, thinking of every way they could've salvaged what was left in their love. Trevor Derring of Fiji Blue explains:

"This song was one of the quickest to come to life for Val & I as we were heading into the beginning of a new wave of creation right after our LA show back in March. To us "I should've told you that I loved you one more time" is the line that speaks for itself. we all have found ourselves in the moment of a relationship's last breath without even knowing it. This song gives life to a chance that may forever only exists in our heart's attempt to justify what is no longer.

The production is extraordinary and it sets them apart from other emerging artists trying to carve their own path within the industry. With a heavy Daft Punk influence, and a sad boy chill house vibe, the duo is on their way to big exposure and success. Don't sleep on the Fiji boys for too long, the hype train is leaving the station and you're going to miss it if you're too late.

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