Finkel's "Looong Summer" Is Almost Too Relatable

A couple that makes dope art together stays together. In addition to being quirky and super endearing, Jane and Brian Spencer of FINKEL work perfectly together to become inventors in their own right. Without a doubt, their music is rule-bending and fun, and their latest single, "Looong Summer" featuring Monse, makes no exception.  

"Looong Summer" is the first song from FINKEL's next body of work "Sick 2020." It paints the picture of FINKEL's relatable 2020 summer experience, how it seemed longer than normal due to us all being trapped inside and feeling daunted by the world's economic, political, and social uncertainties. Although it's been somewhat depressing, FINKEL admits, they think it's time we change our outcomes with the advent of fall. Thus, the track is lyrically dark, yet maintains a semblance of hope, sonically.  

Listening to any FINKEL song is a ride. The music couple is not afraid to take unconventional turns, like the unique vocal harmonies essential to this track. Both Jane and Brian's voices manage magically bright and curious tones, but the high quality of hers combined with the low, deeper quality of his makes for the iconic pairing. With the addition of rhythmic production elements as the journey of the song unfolds, the listener becomes prepared for the rap verse that Monse adds to the track.  

Listen to  "Looong Summer" below.

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