Fred Again.. Is Making Transcendent, Timeless Dance Music


The dancefloor is a magical place. It's one of the few spaces where one truly feels like they can exist outside themselves, escaping into a singular moment that is part of a much larger, undulating whole. And yet, rarely do artists capture the euphoric bliss of losing yourself on the dancefloor as brilliantly and regularly as Fred Again...

"Billie (Loving Arms)" is the latest in a series of singles from the British singer, songwriter, and producer that sees him elevating his trademark synthesis of rapturous house and emotional catharsis to newfound heights. The first track to be unveiled from Fred's forthcoming second Actual Life album, "Billie" is built around a sample of Billie Ray Martin's cult 1994 dancefloor hit "In Your Loving Arms." While its foundation may be decades old, its delivery feels transcendent, capable of seamlessly flowing from one dancefloor era to the next.

At its core, "Billie" is a dance track rooted in one of the genre's most prominent tenets, community. "For me this song is about allowing people to help you, when you need it most. Like last year I felt like that was made almost impossible for us to do in some ways. I mean just the physical touch of someone throwing themselves around you can really cure us of a whole lot I think," shares the London-based artist and producer.

With each new single, Fred Again.. effortlessly calls to mind dance hits that span not just generations but cultures, moods, and life experiences. For one, it may feel like hearing Underworld's "Born Slippy (Nuxx) for the first time. For another, it may feel like giving yourself over to The Chemical Brother's "Hey Boy Hey Girl" all over again. It's a testament to Fred Again...'s grasp on the emotional element that fuels electronic music, an understanding that allows his music to define the here and now while remaining wholly timeless.

Listen to "Billie (Loving Arms)" below:

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