Harry Hudson and Astrid S Find Opportunity in Loss on "Closing Doors"

Photo By Gio Mojica

Harry Hudson has returned and this time he brought along a new friend. Hudson recently released  "Closing Doors" featuring Norwegian pop star Astrid S. The piercing piano ballad details the experience of looking at failures and loss as a chance to work on yourself and start anew. Speaking on why he wanted to collaborate with Astrid S, Hudson said,

"I heard Astrid's voice on it and couldn't compare it to any other ballad or duet. Our tones together are wild. She made the song so special."

In addition to the new song, Hudson surprised us all with the announcement of his upcoming album Hey, I'm Here For You. The album will be out on November 20 and will feature  "Closing Doors" as well as previously released songs  "Give Up On Us,"  "Let Me," and "Just Slide" featuring Jaden Smith. In the meantime, listen to  "Closing Doors" below.