inverness, Anthony Russo & Kang Daniel Send Us Into a Euphoric Trance on "State of Wonder"


Photo By: Abir Hashem

inverness isn't a name we've exactly floated around, but one that will without a doubt leave a mark after the release of their brand new music video. Collaborating with Anthony Russo and KANG DANIEL, the team created a euphoric video to accompany an astonishing song. The trio have a history of collaborating together behind the scenes, bringing the world of K-pop and dance music together on countless records over the years. "State of Mind" is just the latest from the trio and may be one of the most unique takes on a music video this year... and we're only in the first couple of weeks.

"State of Wonder" brings a crazy twist on love. Embedding memories you've never lived into your brain to feel something you haven't. Finding love in what seems to be a fictional character, Russo is hooked up to a machine and put into a virtual world of endless possibilities. The video is almost like a hot take on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but instead of deleting memories, new ones are created. inverness explains how collaborating with Russo and Daniel came with so much ease, the music and idea flowed effortlessly.

"'State Of Wonder' has to be my favorite release yet. We all spent so much time writing, producing, editing and perfecting every moment. Anthony and I were fortunate to work with Kang Daniel on his last album, so when I heard he wanted to get on the record, I was ecstatic. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it."

The video is directed by Jordan Wozy, whose resume includes videos for Machine Gun Kelly, The Chainsmokers, New Hope Club and more. He brings this electric song to life. Every camera angle, effect and lighting choice is done to mere perfection. This team went above and beyond and truly set the bar for 2021.