Jarrod Jeremiah Doesn't Play It  "Safe" in New Single [Premiere]


Jarrod Jeremiah has been in our orbit before, his previous singles catching our attention for playlisting, but his latest drop "Safe" is a huge hurdle in both composition and confidence. This 19-year-old artist out of Perth is known for his jazz style production, rhythmic and layered with melodies, and while his production acumen is undeniable, there has always existed a hesitation to truly put himself and his voice forward. Surprising to himself, that apprehension fell away as his vocal processing skills improved, and the results are self-evident, an artist now willing to share his story, both comfortably and confidently.  

Given the lyrics of  "Safe" are about stepping out of your comfort zone, the writing process must have manifested within Jarrod as he pushed well beyond his studio safe place into a sound that vocally matches his textbook playful jazz chops. That bodes positively for his upcoming work in general but lands especially with this release, a bouncy organ pumping vibe, a perfect exit into autumn (or entry into spring for our southern hemispheric brethren). It's a song whose delicious melodies over earnest hooks make it a proper pop bop.

Describing the motivation for the track, as well as its theme, "This song is reflective of what I've been thinking about recently - that not being safe/secure is good and taking risks is something I need to learn to do, I am slowly learning why it is so important - these are the best ways to find your identity," shares Jarrod.  

The sense of adventure present on "Safe" is exactly what Jarrod needed to push his sound beyond the tightly produced streaming fodder into that of a relatable, organic artist giving the audience more to bite into. And given the quality and effervescent fun of this track, we can't wait to bite into more of what Jarrod has cooking.

Listen to  "Safe" below: