Krooked Tongue Release Enigmatic Debut EP "No Vacancy Hotel"

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Bristol-based rock trio Krooked Tongue has hit the ground running with the release of their debut EP, No Vacancy Hotel. After the cancellation of their second UK tour and the postponement of shows alongside bands like Dinosaur Pile-Up and Turbowolf and festival slots at Boardmasters and 2000 Trees, the band instead spent the last year creating an attention-grabbing rock record. Honing on a more refined studio sound with Josh Gallop of Phoxjaw at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, they worked to replicate their formidable live act into a four-track EP that oozes with intensity.

“Vampyre” is a strong opener that showcases the band’s unique and catchy style. “I think ‘Vampyre’ was probably the most fun to record, especially messing around with sub-basses." The track’s suffocating fuzz from guitarist Dan Smith envelopes listeners as bassist and vocalist Oli Rainsford chimes in with his alluring vocal style.

"Freaky Love” exudes sex appeal with its threatening bass notes, hypnotic hooks, addictively heavy riffs, and lust-filled lyrics “Ooo all your freaky love, yeah it turns me on / All that weird love, you’re a freak and more,” chants Rainsford in a throaty, soulful murmur. It employs a more playful, funkier edge in Harry Pritchard’s drums. Smith’s guitar twinkles like a hidden gem, underpinning the vocal melodies while bursting through the cracks to not overstep its mark and oversaturate its tempting tease.

“Swarm” is an infectious and methodical track with a sing-along chorus and wild instrumentation. Its depressive, moody vocal tones set the scene for two wayward teenagers to fall in lust with one another in the midst of a cigarette smoke-filled room, finding comfort in their shared sense of hopelessness and impending doom. “I’d say I hold the lyrics to 'Swarm’ in pretty high regard in terms of my songwriting,” says Rainsford. “I think that song was one of those cases where the writing process flowed seamlessly, and those lyrics are somehow more relevant now than ever.”  

The title track closes the record by ramping up the band’s playful nature while systematically breaking down defenses with its sharp melody and harder, punchier grooves. Guitar solos weave through the mosh-inducing song, making it the perfect finale for any live performance.

Now that touring and live performances have reopened, Krooked Tongue plans to kick off their year with a headlining show in their hometown of Bristol and look forward to lining up shows in the UK and the US where they can perform the new record live. “We can’t wait; it’s gonna be a wild one! I know we all have different favorites from the EP to play live, shares Rainsford.” Mine is 'No Vacancy Hotel’ because it’s the grand finale where we just get to go crazy and get the crowd moshing. Dan’s is 'Freaky Love’ because he has some really fun guitar parts that play on the offbeat, and Harry’s is 'Vampyre’ because he gets to puncture holes in the drum kit!“

Listen to No Vacancy Hotel below:

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