'Life's Going Great' For Games We Play With Release Of Emotional Debut LP [Q&A] | THE NOISE

photo: Ashley Osborn

Pop-punk artist Games We Play, a.k.a Emmyn Calleiro, has finally made his highly anticipated debut with the release of his first studio album, Life's Going Great. The record sees Calleiro confront the emotional whiplash of his early 20s. In less than two short years, he went viral, signed to his dream record label, found a mentor in Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, and toured the world supporting his idols, including Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and The Band CAMINO.

But as his artistic life rose to new highs, simultaneously, his personal life came crashing down, experiencing a major breakup, leaving Los Angeles, returning home to Nashville to live with his parents, and struggling with self-image. These highs and lows formed the basis of Life's Going Great. The album was originally set to arrive last year, but as things began taking a turn for the better again, Calleiro realized it wasn't done and decided to go back to the studio to finish telling the whole story. Now, with introspection and a tad less sarcasm, life really is going great for Calleiro.

The Noise talked with the rising alternative artist about the album, what it was like to meet his heroes, and the people who helped bring the project to life.