LO MOON Expands Their Cinematic Sound on 'A Modern Life'


Photo: LO MOON

Everyone can recall that feeling of falling in love with a band after getting your hands on their first album. You just can't get enough of it, and you find yourself playing it on repeat for days on end. You might eventually stop and ask yourself, what's next? Followed by the age-old question, will the next one measure up?

After four long years, LA-based band LO MOON swoops in and graces us with their sophomore album A Modern Life to answer all our lingering questions with a resounding: yes! Boasting more of their signature cinematic and ethereal sound, this album exhibits just how skilled LO MOON is at crafting a unique style.  

Similar to their debut self-titled album LO MOON's sophomore effort also entrances us with melodic synths reminiscent of the '80s. However, what launches this album to the next echelon is how the band leans into those grandiose cosmic vibes. The band's latest single "Raincoats" embraces this not-so-subtle combination of majestic, sweeping soundscapes and serves as a showcase to the high caliber of this album.

What continues to set LO MOON apart from the pack is the vocal talent of lead singer Matt Lowell. With such celestial sounds coming from the album, it would be far too easy for the vocals to sit back and be in danger of getting washed out. This is not remotely the case as Lowell's silver-tone singing steals the show on multiple tracks, including "Dream Never Dies" and "Modern Life."

LO MOON has delivered yet another immaculate album. Their commitment to perfecting their sound coupled with a clear improvement of talent and style over the last four years is what makes A Modern Life feel quite otherworldly and well worth the wait.

Listen to A Modern Life  below:

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