Love Moor Soulfully Captures the Essence of 'Love' in Latest EP

Photo: Quinn Dunziellas

Love Moor strips down to her bare bones on the soulful six-track EP Love, stumbling through false starts and returning back to her home.

If you’re finding it hard to draw a comparison, you’re in the majority; her voice is not one you’ll find elsewhere. It’s thick and rich, like homemade oats that satiate the soul. It’s not often that songstresses enter the game with such a unique sound already perfected, though it’s true that they’re always the ones with impressionable longevity.

Though she’s still a relatively new artist, it’s clear music has lived in her bones for many lives before this one, being born to a DJ father and singer mother. Growing up in a home with four walls drenched in neo-soul and reggae, this EP has been waiting to be born for many moons.

“Gentle” is a standout track, infectiously groovy with hints of Moore’s Caribbean upbringing intertwined in its production. “Libra Scales” allows us to meet deeper notes of the raw artist, while “Sequel” is almost intimidating with how effortlessly rooted she stands in her skin. It’s tangible just how sure she is of herself, a journey she takes us along yet encourages us to embark on ourselves.

A sultry blend of dancehall and Afro-pop, you can even find hints of bossa nova influence in the EP’s lead single “Pacifier,” featuring fellow burgeoning songstress Moliy. The track is a perfected R&B ode, honoring Moor’s Miami upbringing in its vibrantly tropical accompanying visual. “I started writing it with the intention to portray emotional and physical safety with a person, but of course make it sultry” Moor shares. Steeped in their own sensuality while performing in front of a lush cityscape, it’s clear both visually and audibly that the two are artistic soulmates. “Pacifier” was born from the immediate chemistry sparked between her and Moliy, being written upon their first meeting. “Her verse creates this beautiful context and atmosphere.”

Ultimately, Love starts off as a personal crusade that evolves into a celebration, a reckoning of the truth that we are always all that we need. As Moor so intimately shares, “I wanted to show the depth of true love and all its forms, from vulnerability to strength, insecurity to confidence, desire burning from lust to comfort. To me, love is more than a feeling. It's an action, and a person, and a place. It's the ultimate expression of our human nature.”

Listen to Love below:

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