Luz Invites Gratitude and Love Into Life's Simpler Moments on "permanent +1"


Photo:  Katie Silvester

Luz's impeccable voice complements the heartache, desire, and youthful energy found within her songwriting but her most recent single articulates a profound appreciation and love. Her single, "permanent +1" praises the loved one she has around her, highlighting both little and big acts of love and kindness.

The rising artist details her overanalysis of what she interprets as her own flaws, countering these insecurities with a sense of newfound confidence gained from the reaction of her loved one. The simplicity of these scenarios allows listeners to find a deeper humanity in the artist. She sings, "My over-explanations irritating / No you say it’s fine / It’s always fine / Like / When I’m lying with you and you want my advice / On something that we’ve been through about a hundred times / Your over-analysing isn’t tiring / No it’s always fine." The relatability of Luz's confessions emphasizes the notion of loving unconditionally, letting the vulnerability flow through each line.

The stunning lyricism does not require any climactic moment, rather opting for the candor and clarity of young love and gratitude. The modesty and restraint of Luz's production style allow the message of the song to not be overshadowed but quietly elevate the beautiful sentiment behind her words.

Despite the idea that nothing is certain, Luz has given audiences a peek into the unconditional love we all wish to have and keep.  It's little wonder she's been recognized by stars, including Niall Horan, Ed Sheeran, and Julia Michaels. In addition, she is set to join JP Saxe on the European leg of his tour next year.

Listen to  "permanent +1" below:


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