Maisie Peters' "The List" Is a Heartfelt Display of Vulnerability and Self-Love


19-year-old Maisie Peters makes the sort of heartfelt music that feels like peering into the pages of someone's diary. These relatable points of sonic reflection have not only garnered the rising British artist a rapidly growing fanbase but has won over the likes of Taylor Swift, Lewis Capaldi, and Sam Smith. The latest sprawling sonic diary entry from Peters comes to life in the triumphant "The List."

"The List" is an enviable addition to Peters' growing catalogue of "emo girl pop." The soaring, immaculate production scores a moment of revelation for the young artist, as she grapples with her own perceived flaws and being kinder to herself.  

As these perceived flaws flow out, underscored by a blissful piano melody, it is almost impossible not to get swept up in the display of infectious vulnerability. The effect is a track that feels like a salient moment of pop-driven catharsis. Peters, spoke further on creating "The List," sharing,

"I wrote it with my friend Frances in her flat last year in early November, and I remember we spent the whole day flitting about with different ideas, until right at the end of the day she played that piano part and the whole song suddenly came flooding out like it was already written. I think maybe it was.  

It's about liking yourself, even in moments when you really really don't like yourself. It's also about coping mechanisms and my actual inability to look anyone in the eye, and my constant need to make jokes about anything even remotely sincere or sad! Haha! All this to say I'm nervous for u all to hear it, but I also can't wait ok ok love u all."

From feeling the need to fill every little moment of silence, hating the sound of your own voice, to fearing putting yourself out there in love and life, Peters bears the pages of her diary, and in turn, her heart, to the world.

Listen to "The List" below:

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