Melt Mars Unveils the Hazy, Lovelorn "Tainted Hearts"

Photo: Tyler Demamiel

A moody plea for love’s salvation, alt-rock band Melt Mars has dropped the eponymous lead single off their highly anticipated EP, Tainted Hearts.

Hailing from Orange County, Brian, Darnell, Eric, and John have tangible chemistry. What was once meant to be a one-off project slowly evolved into a band that’s accumulated over 100,000 Spotify streams and a devout following. Their music brushes on nerves that hungry and dishonest music couldn’t possibly, because it’s raw. Their lyrics come from soul and instrumentation from gut.

“Tainted Hearts” gives warmth to the coldness of a love lost. With lines like “You’ve dragged me along once again, but my heart calls your name,” the abandoned struggles to find the strength to not crawl back to his captor, knowing well he’s only bound to get cut deeper.

There’s an undeniable grit in Melt Mars’ work that isn’t too harsh, softened by Brian’s dreamy vocals. With a guitar solo that your heart pauses beating for, it’s easy to get lost in “Tainted Hearts,” yet see yourself reflected back in its story.

With the forthcoming EP set to explore the process of love’s death, “I don’t want part of your cancer” paints a vivid truth: no matter how clean we try and stay, just one drop is enough to get poisoned by an intoxicating love. Yet at the end of it all, the mending happens alone. 

Listen to "Tainted Hearts" below:

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