MOODindigo is a Lo-Fi  "Leaf Man (A Bird in NY)"


We love when artists encompass the spirit of DIY. We're proud to debut and premiere the self-produced, Norwegian native artist MOODindigo. Now based out of Brooklyn, MOODindigo is carving his own path through the industry with his first single "Leaf Man (A Bird in NY). Intertwining his Norwegian roots and the roots of American music in which he grew up on. MOODindigo is here to make a name for himself in a big way.

"Leaf Man (A Bird in NY)" portrays his incredible lo-fi production skills and his ability to construct his lo-fi sound in the most intricate of ways. The music is cinematic, he creates a movie in your head. MOODindigo explains:

"The idea for Leaf Man came to me in a space where I wasn't dealing with some issues very well, and felt like I was constantly falling. I coined him Leaf Man, and the track is basically me tryna runaway from everything, on top of a psychedelic jazz influenced beat, which kinda sound like the intro of the film León. I got my homie Danny (who doesn't make music but was chilling in the studio in Queens) to record some goofy ad libs and I ended up keeping them. The second part of the song after the beat switch is just a super mellow drunk dragging response to the first part."

MOODindigo incorporates jazz with his love for hip hop. He has established his sound to the world, and is ready to take on the industry by storm. With "Leaf Man (A Bird in NY)" being just his debut, we can only imagine the tricks he has up his sleeves and what's yet to come.