Noah Elliott Delivers a Hard Message in a Quirky-Feel Good Way in "Selling Out" Video


Photo By: Fenn Paider

Noah Elliott has released his second single, "Selling Out," and unlike the title suggests, it's anything but. The 23-year-old Oregon native, LA based artist is dropping single by single before releasing his 7-song EP, "Songs for the Optimist." Elliott begins the single by revealing his vulnerability with the heavyhearted lyrics, "... the future's looking bleak, I'm only half of me without you." Recounting his experience writing the song, Elliot said,

"Themes of love, manipulation, and shame all come to mind when I think back to writing Selling Out. It’s about realizing how much of myself I was willing to give up for romance and how harmful that was for my own mental health."

Accompanying the single is a clever and unconventional music video. The video displays various backdrops with Noah Elliott dancing and moving throughout. The artist can't actually be seen at all, though. Director Matt Trainor came up with the unique concept of dressing Elliott head to toe in a green screen suit. The green-suit portrays imagery that feels very random and unusual (dogs, the sky, vintage footage); however, each artistic detail is in fact, extremely intentional. Not once do you see Noah Elliott as himself. The video concept that started out as a joke, turned into a beautiful message representing the meaning behind "Selling Out." The song describes the feeling of not being your true self without a certain person in your life, and Noah Elliott is, quite literally, not himself in the video. Elliott did an excellent job of delivering a hard message in a quirky, feel-good visual.

We were big fans of Elliott's first single, "Never Feels the Same," and his latest single, "Selling Out" has made us even more excited about what the future holds for the young artist. We will be impatiently awaiting for the next 5 singles until we are gifted with the full EP, Songs for the Optimist. Check out the music video for "Selling Out" below