nobody nobody Debut's With "SAD!" ft. plainfacedgirl

Who is nobody nobody? The obscurity is intriguing, and the music is good. But who are they? Allow us to introduce them to the world. The Santa Cruz duo is striving to meld obscure and out of the box production with catchy lyricism. "SAD!" featuring plainfacedgirl, is their debut single and it shows a ton of promise.

The duo wrote this song together in a bedroom when they were both dealing with separate long distance relationships that were both quickly falling apart. Those conversations and emotions turned into "SAD!" The duo spoke further on the process, “This song is basically a drunk text. We wrote it in 3 hours, we were both going through some long distance stuff. It's messy when the wheels are falling off, but it's worth it, kid.”

The production is killer. What feels like a crazy acid trip, the song takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The simultaneous chord progression between the guitar and bass accompanies the obscure structure of the song perfectly. But what really brings the song together is plainfacedgirl's feature. Between her adlibs, harmonies and verse, it gives the song some diversity. All around, the duo has made their mark in a big way. Listen to "SAD!" below.

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