#NowWatching Playlist: 04-05-19


Quick update: K-pop is taking over the world. Pictured above is BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment's all-girl group that crushed the internet today with the release of their Kill This Love  EP and  "Kill This Love" music video, which broke records with nearly 50 million YouTube views in less than 24 hours. In other news, we're also enjoying a poignant debut album by Matt Maeson, another groovy single that has us begging for more by Still Woozy, and much more.

Follow along.


BLACKPINK - Don’t Know What To Do

Matt Maeson - I Just Don’t Care That Much  

Still Woozy - Lava  

BETWEEN FRIENDS - blushing!  

Omar Apollo - Friends  

Cuco - Hydrocodone  

Ashe - Bachelorette  

Ryan Caraveo - Deceived  

Inner Wave - Why You Gotta Act Like That Tho?  

Bene - Soaked  

Dennis Lloyd - Aura  

slenderbodies - king (acoustic)

Bazzi - Paradise  

Laura Jean Anderson - On My Mind  

No Vacation - Linger  

Jack Gray - Take Our Time  

Amber Mark - Mixer  

Snoh Aalegra - You  

Ady Suleiman - Best Friend  

MELVV - Right Side Up (feat. Manila Killa & Sophia Black)


Caye - Trust Fall  

Jacob Lee - Conscience  

bülow - Get Stüpid  

Niia - Face  

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