O Future's  "Telephone" Visual Is a Glossy, Hyperfutristic Trip [PREMIERE]


Electronic duo O Future tends to stay busy. Since meeting in New York while pursuing two creatively different careers, Katherine Mills Rymer and Jens Bjornkjaer began working on music together together almost serendipitously and have since released two albums under OOFJ, have directed, shot, produced, and starred in their narrative-driven music videos, scored Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case by Andreas Johnsen, as well as an upcoming feature-length documentary by Weiwei, and an upcoming documentary on Grammy-nominated Lukas Graham, who is the best ever selling artist from Denmark.  

With their new venture as O Future, the duo is actively working on scoring Andrew Van Baal’s upcoming feature film Ambrosia, creating an algorithmic opera with the graphic design team SULSOLSAL and a violin concerto with The Concert Master of the Royal Danish Opera.

On November 14, they'll add the release of their new album Voyeur to their list of accomplishments. Ones To Watch has the first look for the new video for one of the Voyeur singles, "Telephone," which reached #2 on the Hype Machine when originally released.

"Telephone" takes a transparent and frank look at the realism of existing in a manner you truly desire and the feeling of craving something more. Rymer spoke further on the underlying meaning behind  "Telephone," sharing,

"It is about not having enough friends and yet hating phone calls and lying down on heavy carpets that have been freshly vacuumed. The only good and spicy phone calls come from a new lover, an old lover, a crush or your best friend. Maybe when you find out you inherited you dream house. That phone call would be great. But most times, 99 percent of times, no one calls. Except the fantasy cruise lines which declares...You been selected.. and you have won."

Watch the video for  "Telephone" below:

Be sure to check out Voyeur this winter. The album blends the signature sounds the duo have built by combining their analytically-created indie-electronic riffs with their signature orchestral symphonies and features guest appearances from Sune Rose Wagner of The Ravonettes, Matt Popieluch of Big Search and percussion work by Trentemollers drummer Jakob Hoyer.

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