OTR Announces Debut Album + Captures a Moment of Serene Bliss in "Midnight Sun" [Premiere]


Fans of the Netflix Original film To All the Boys I've Loved Before are likely awaiting the Valentine's Day release of the sequel P.S. I Still Love You with sheer excitement. While we don't know how good the content of the movie will be, we do have a sneak peek at a snippet of the soundtrack, and it is a certified rom-com banger. We are excited to premiere OTR's "Midnight Sun," featuring Ukiyo, which is the latest single from his upcoming debut LP Lost at Midnight (Astralwerks, April 24).

"Midnight Sun" scores not only the opening scene of P.S. I Still Love You, but serves as a major milestone for the innovative electronic artist. The cinematic single arrives as the lead single from OTR's forthcoming album, Lost at Midnight, which is set to release April 24 via Astralwerks / Capitol. The debut album will feature collaborations from Ukiyo, Shallou, Lowes, WYNNE, Emerson Leif, Saint Sinner, Panama, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

"Midnight Sun" sounds like an electronic twist on the typical uplifting, romantic score that overlays the main characters staring longingly into each other's eyes just before their lips meet. We are already swooning.

Regardless of your affinity for cheesy rom-coms or Noah Centineo's charms, this track will definitely transcend soundtrack status and would fit right in on your "Start the Day Off Right" or "Dreamy Vibes" playlist... or you know, your Valentine's night-edition collection.

OTR revealed that the song was inspired by one of the most romantic scenes in life: the setting sun. He shared that the first draft of the song was written while traveling a lot for collaborations and experiencing the beauty of a sunset through an airplane window,

"There's a moment when you're flying at 30k feet where the sun sets below the horizon resulting in a faint glow barely visible behind the earth. I tried to capture that moment in 'Midnight Sun.'"

OTR also credits Ukiyo with seeing the vision and helping to bring it to life, calling their collaboration "incredibly organic." Creating the song was apparently quite seamless, as Ukiyo describes it,

"I instantly thought of an idea I had lying around to add to it. I quite literally threw them over the top of each other and it was a surreal moment hearing them combined making pretty much what's in the final version. I think we both knew it was done immediately after that."

If you cannot wait for the To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequel, you can definitely prepare by streaming "Midnight Sun," closing your eyes, and imagining how you think the opening scene will play out.

Oh, and did somebody say... tour? Shhhh… 😉

Watch and listen to  "Midnight Sun" below:  

Lost at Midnight LP out April 24 via Astralwerks:

1. Lost / Intro
2. Drive ft. Panama
3. Get Out
4. Heart ft. Shallou
5. Midnight Sun ft. Ukiyo
6. Rebel ft. Lowes
7. Stay ft. WYNNE
8. Night
9. Broken ft. Au/Ra
10. Moon ft. Vancouver Sleep Clinic
11. Best ft. Emerson Leif
12. The End ft. Saint Sinner


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