Q Explores Loves and Intimacy in the Otherworldly  "Take Me Where Your Heart Is"


Photo:  Khufu Najee

Q is an anomaly - a transfixing voice whose enigmatic nature calls to mind both the idea of worldwide stardom and an enduring cult classic. In his latest single, "Take Me Where Your Heart Is," the 21-year-old Broward County, Florida native brings these seemingly conflicting notions to life through the magic of an ethereal neo-soul stunner.

"Take Me Where Your Heart Is" feels like a song ripped straight from Euphoria's near-perfect soundtrack. After all, Q's spellbinding falsetto is the closest one gets to capturing the larger-than-life and weightless feeling of young love. Telling Flaunt Magazine, Q described the track as one whose true intent is hidden in plain sight, sharing,

"The beauty of the titles I choose for my songs is I’m literally telling people what the song is about and how it lyrically connects. I’m asking to be taken to where your heart is, to be taken to a place of love because I’ve never been there before."

Q's self-confessional plea, "I’m so into you, but I don’t know where I’ve been / I just want you to, to take me where your heart is," arrives as just that, a forthcoming expression of vulnerability and search for intimacy. The stunning piece of emotional candor is set to appear on his forthcoming EP due out this fall. Until then, you can check out the visual for the otherworldly neo-soul stunner below.

Listen to "Take Me Where Your Heart Is" below:

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