Quitting Whitney Bends Genres in Their Debut Single, "Turn Around"


Quitting Whitney, a Los Angeles based rock duo, just released their progressive, angst-driven debut single, "Turn Around." The single showcases an eclectic mix of surf rock, hip-hop, and indie rock, promised to be the first of a string of five singles being released over the next four months.

"Turn Around" maintains a feeling of uneasiness as the contrast between falsetto and growling vocals constantly argue with one another. The song's seamless transition from a quiet piano and vocal to a full-fledged anthem with booming acoustic drums cutting through swirling synth lines highlight the tension of blurry loveless and careless nights wandering bars and mini marts, quietly hoping to stumble into almost anyone.

At the same time, the song exudes youth and introduces powerful, almost growling vocals to a musical landscape dominated by smooth crooners. The use of live drums, by former Atlantic Avenue drummer Ryan Linderman, make the group's music uniquely rock, standing alongside fellow guitar and drum duos Lewis del Mar, the Black Keys, and Twenty One Pilots. However, with the addition of producer and guitarist Matt Rucker, the song takes on a mind of its own, moving from R&B driven drum patterns and smooth synths to breakneck guitar riffs and driving rhythms with ease.

Haunting yet energetic, "Turn Around" is the perfect winter single and an exciting debut for the duo. With the next single set to be released in early April, Quitting Whitney is far from quitting anytime soon.

Check out the single below:

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