R&B Crooner Peter Manos Takes Multi-tasking to a New Level in "You Don't Know Me" Live Video


Photo Credit: Michael Manos

Before reading this, you've probably never heard of the name Peter Manos, and that's perfectly fine. But from here on out, rest assured that his name will be plastered everywhere. The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently only has three singles to his name, but those very tracks are already enough to get you hooked. More specifically, "You Don't Know Me" is an emotional breakup song that'll make you shower Manos with all the love you have to offer.

Coming out of a painful relationship, Manos wrote "You Don't Know Me" as a way to cope with his heartbreak as he sings about being out of touch with his past lover. Although the song itself is truly breathtaking, the new visual for "You Don't Know Me" is just as stunning. Rather than taking a conventional approach to live performances, Manos developed an innovative concept that involves him being on screen singing and simultaneously playing all of the instruments featured in "You Don't Know Me."

On the "You Don't Know Me" visual, Peter Manos shared,

"'You Don't Know Me" (Live) video out now. All music performed and recorded live on location ... I hope u like it."

Experience Peter Manos' creative vision with the live performance of "You Don't Know Me" below:

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