sad alex's "dating myself" Is a Necessary Ode to Self-Love


Photo By:  Raz Azraai

Loving someone else is hard but loving yourself is sometimes even harder, but pop singer, songwriter, and artist sad alex thinks that's the best way to go. For her first release of 2021, sad alex is back and sadder than ever on her new single "dating myself." But it's not actually a sad song, its more a celebration of self-love. Speaking on the single, alex shared,

"Dating is weird and hard and confusing and a lot of work, so I found a loophole, rather than digging through new people or recycling old exes, why not date someone you’ve literally known your entire life? No, I don’t mean your parents. That’s weird, stop. And maybe it’s time for you to move out of their basement. I mean you. Yeah, YOU! Date yourself, baby. No mysteries there. No pointless fights about what to do for date night, no pent-up frustration about those weird mouth noises they make while eating potato chips, no more clumsy, clueless clowns. Fall in love with yourself and watch your life fall into place. Thank me later!"

"dating myself" is an effective two minute reminder to love yourself first and not feel pressured to get caught up in the never-ending Groundhog Day of bad relationships. Take a step back and love yourself for a change.

Listen to "dating myself" below and stay tuned for more from sad alex this year.

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