SEBASTIAN PAUL Scores  Your Latest Regretted Impulse  With "INDULGE"  [PREMIERE]


Photo: Colin Miller

We present to you a song for the boys who need an infectious beat to blast from the aux cord, and for our ladies who thrive off of lyrics that hit a little too close to home. "INDULGE" will have you rocking your head at the party, and questioning your latest bad decisions when you're alone in bed.

The new track follows SEBASTIAN PAUL's debut EP, TROJAN HORSE, which was an experimental masterpiece. Adding more fuel to the fire, PAUL is burning a path all his own with a sound that is happily unfamiliar, unique, and entirely infectious. We dare you to not replay after your first listen. PAUL is the producer, vocalist, and writer on his synth-driven tracks, rightfully deeming him a triple threat and exemplifying his talent as a genuine artist. Our newest obsession spoke on “INDULGE," sharing with us,

"'INDULGE' is a song about human nature. The entire track is describing a single fleeting moment, in which impulsiveness reigns over one’s better judgment.”

And we have all been there - that moment of choice between right and wrong. "Go right ahead you do you and just indulge/ But don't come crying to me when you end up/ Worse than you were off before," PAUL proclaims through distorted vocals. If that doesn't bring you back to the specific mistake, get a little closer to the edge.  

PAUL is a nomad, claiming no one place as home and never truly settling - maybe this is where his unique sound and lyricism sparks from, just true life experiences pushing him to grow and test the waters. Either way, we're here for it. PAUL, do you hear us? We are here for it.

Watch the visualizer for "INDULGE" below:

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