Still Woozy's  "Lava" Is an Infectious Post-Genre Groove, But What's New?


Photo:  Shawheen Keyani

Do not even bother wasting your time trying to classify  Still Woozy. The Bay Area native crafts music that escapes simple classification but never fails in delving an otherworldly, dance-inducing vibe. And whether you think of Still Woozy's music as tomorrow's R&B today or anti-pop with a healthy dose of Vitamin D, one thing is certain, the Bay Area native's new track is one begging for you to get down to.

"Lava" follows the release of "Habit," a track we championed as having "a vibe quite like no other," and sees the Bay Area funk purveyor grooving through a moment of heartache and love. From Still Woozy's softly-sung vocals to the sun-drenched instrumentation, every moment of "Lava" plays out like a dream. It would be difficult to imagine this being a track about anything but an idyllic day spent at the beach or road tripping across the coast. but therein lies the magic of Still Woozy. The Bay Area native spoke on what inspired "Lava," sharing,

“I wrote 'Lava' after getting in a fight with the person I love. You feel multiple things in these moments, you feel the hurt and frustration of the fight, but you also feel the underlying love like an undercurrent that guides you back to you senses and your person.”

No matter the subject at hand, the ineffable music of Still Woozy flows forth with an undeniable fervor. It is a passion that exists unrestricted of genre, cemented in a genuine creative joy, allowing for his music to simultaneously elicit and capture the full human spectrum of emotion.

Watch the video for "Lava" below and keep an eye out for Still Woozy's debut EP, Lately, due out May 8:

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