SWMRS Inverts a Nirvana Classic in "Lose Lose Lose" Video

Photo: Skyler Barberio

Our favorite Oakland rock quartet SWMRS has released an energetic visual to complement their hit song, "Lose Lose Lose," and it is soaked with chaotic good energy. The band is molding a new wave of punk while sticking to basic needs and wants of young generations - fighting against those who try to dampen their passion and energy.  

Did someone say "Bingo?" It's just another gig for the alt-rock band in the "Lose Lose Lose" video, and they're putting on a punk performance the bingo club will never forget. Between close up shots and vibrant colors, the video captures the excitement and power of a SWMRS performance. The band flips a Nirvana classic in the video. In the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video, grunge rock band Nirvana performs during a high school pep rally - with tattooed cheerleaders waving their pom poms and teens who rise from the bleachers to join a mosh pit. The "Lose Lose Lose" video contrasts that, and rather than joining the fun, the older generation in the video shoos them out before the track is over.  

SWMRS never fails to seize that punk energy 2019 craves. Between visuals of frontman Cole Becker sparking up a game show, to crowd surfing over the elderly, SWMRS' latest is just another reminder that punk, and its ideals, is not dead.

Cole Becker shared in a statement,

"I always wanted to know what it would feel like to crowd surf if the average age of the crowd was 71 instead of 17. Ambar and I talked a lot about this video as a way of inverting the formula of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.' Being a young person in 2019 feels a lot more like being in an inhospitable bingo club than being in the hyper-idealized vision of a punk show. You have all this energy and vision and passion to contribute to the world, and you're constantly met with this sludgy rejection as if you're intruding on someone else's party."

You can watch the video for “Lose Lose Lose" below:

"Lose Lose Lose" was first released as the single off SWMRS' sophomore album Berkeley's On Fire. After the album's release in Feb. 2019, the group completed their Berkeley's On Fire World Tour, which was followed by stadium performances with Muse and Weezer. They're still on the road, gearing up for a performance at the annual X Games in Minneapolis next month, and some festival appearances later this summer.  

For more from SWMRS, watch the endlessly lovable group put on a hell of a show in our exclusive  "All Eyes On" performance of "Lose Lose Lose" and interview:

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