The Image Ends the Year Strong With the Gospel-Inspired Single "Every Woman"


The Image is an enigmatic Hip-Hop duo best known for their forward-thinking production, wild vocal delivery, and signature masked personas. The LA based duo consists of Watrcup [vocals, songwriting, arranging] and Franskiiz [vocals, production, engineering]. The Image has released a handful of singles throughout the year that have featured grand production and magnetic chemistry between the anonymous pair.

The Image has ended 2020 with a triumphant R&B/Hip-Hop ballad titled "Every Woman." The instrumental is gospel influenced with haunting background vocals and horns that outro the track. The Whitney Houston sample and trap inspired drums perfectly blend traditional and contemporary sounds in a new and inventive way that's unique to The Image.

"Every Woman" is an incredible display of chemistry between the two artists. The ideas and delivery of the duo work so seamlessly together that it's clear that the two individuals share one clear artistic vision. "Every Woman" shows that The Image is capable of creating their own lane all while remaining anonymous and letting their talent be the focus.

Listen to "Every Woman" by The Image below:

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