The Velveteins Drop Laid-Back, '60s-Tinged "Cosmic Saturation"

Photo: Jessie Altura

The Velveteins are a trippy four-piece band known for their laid-back look and intoxicating sound, everything about this band is exciting and fun. Since their 2016 debut EP A Hot Second with The Velveteins, the band has amassed quite the following and their latest release,  "Cosmic Saturation," has been a highly-anticipated effort.  

Written whilst touring the USA, the group found themselves truly inspired by both the colors, sights, and magic surrounding them and their delirium, resulting in the creation of "Cosmic Saturation." With a distinct 2021 meets the 1960s sound, the result feels both timeless and unique. "'Cosmic Saturation" was largely inspired by our lives at the time, being constantly travelling and the lifestyle we were living playing so many shows. Driving across the country from the east to west coast, watching the interstates fly by in the dawn," adds The Velveteins.

With a psychedelic flush, "Cosmic Saturation" kickstarts with a hazy synth before a bash of smooth, bright drums and a warbling guitar riff dripping in reverb and crunch. "Cosmic saturation causing so much new frustration / how can I get through to you" sings The Velveteins over a collection of guitars and chilled-out aura. The single pops with ranges of switch-ups and quirky moments alongside a highly singable hook.  

It's not a question of whether this four-piece band are a group you should keep in mind. With a snowball of affection from a global audience and a clean, polished sound, The Velveteins are most definitely showing us how easy music comes to them and how easy it is to enjoy their presence.

Listen to  "Cosmic Saturation" below:

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