Transcending TikTok: Stephen Sanchez's "Lady By The Sea" Lives Up to the Hype


What were you doing at seventeen? Writing beautiful love ballads on top of ethereal guitar chords? I think not. This is where Stephen Sanchez stands out above most. The seventeen-year-old is here today with his highly anticipated song, "Lady by the Sea." A timeless three-minute track that is sure to be heard for years to come. Sanchez was able to share the story behind the song and the buildup leading up to his first release:

“The song, Lady by the Sea, is about a classic silver screen kind of innocent love; a young man walking along the beach spots a beautiful young girl laying on the sand with tilted shades, she's a known heart-breaker and pays little to no mind to the young man, yet he falls. I posted a snippet of Lady by the Sea as my second Tik Tok video ever, and it completely went viral overnight. This has been the craziest, most amazing month of my life by far.”

Whether you're "pro-TikTok" or not, both this song and artist have garnered some well-deserved attention. The Northern California artist is reminiscent of the beloved James Arthur and James Bay, with a light yet strong voice and clear guitar skills. Stephen Sanchez is a name we attach to true talent, and with cosigns from heartthrob Jeremy Zucker... there's no ceiling in sight.

Listen to "Lady by the Sea" below and throw it on your "Next Time I'm In Love" playlist while you're at it.