Vancouver Sleep Clinic's Latest Is a "Bad Dream" You Won't Want to Wake From


Photo: Peter Lloyd

The stories we tell ourselves in our sleep are oftentimes bizarre, ambiguous, blurry, and emotional. Australian artist Tim Bettison, who goes by  Vancouver Sleep Clinic, has released a track and accompanying video that perfectly captures the emotions of experiencing a seriously intense "Bad Dream."    

"Bad Dream" is an ethereal track, with glowing sounds, a slowed downbeat, and velvety vocals. The song is the lead single off of his upcoming sophomore album  Onwards to Zion, which is aimed to grace our ears on October 18. The electric R&B soundscape Vancouver Sleep Clinic creates is captivating and sets listeners in a swirling daze. With a soul-clenching sample of female vocals at the end, the glistening track has an impenetrable enigmatic  edge to it. This track sets the tone to a serious, introspective album, and has us excited to hear what else the artist and producer has up his sleeve.  

Set some time aside to sit down with your sleep paralysis monster and check out the new track below:

Fittingly, the music video for "Bad Dream" is alluring, with bright shots of desert landscapes and blue skies that are contrasted with visuals of enclosed, dark corridors and shadowy blue hues. This is the first video of a multi-part visual story that's paired with the album. The director of the video, Max Galassi, has created a dizzying world filled with the unknown. You never know what's coming next, akin to a dream outside of your control.  

The slowed-down track is an eerie, lonesome soundtrack to the surreal visuals. Nearing the end of the video, the frame seeps with azure hues, glinting shadows, and dancing bodies stuck in slow motion. It wouldn't be a surprise if you found new meaning in the video after every viewing.

Watch the video for  "Bad Dream" below:

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