Who Is Jack Harlow? [Setlist.Fm]

Setlist.Fm's weekly "Who Is" series is an immersive way to expose readers to up-and-coming indie acts that should be on your radar; written by music fans for music fans. Each week we feature an artist and/or band that's making waves in the music world. The "Who Is" pieces are a tell-all of the artist, showcasing everything from music and performance style, to influences and tour dates. Today we want you to get familiar with our latest hip hop obsession - Jack Harlow.

The 21-year-old rapper is on the fast track towards superstardom following the success of 2018′s project, Loose. Harlow was introduced early to a wide range of artists, thanks to his mother's love of hip-hop and his father's choice of country music. Harlow grew with the culture of Louisville and has since derived his music around the people and places that make up his hometown.

Harlow described to DJ Booth,    

"I came from a part of Louisville that's pretty diverse, with a lot of creative things going on. Louisville is a little more special [than other cities], there's a little more weirdness in the air...I'm proud to be from Kentucky. The experiences that I had as an individual, you know? The girls I talk to, the things I get into, the stories I have, it's all about where I'm from."

Moving from The Handsome Harlow EP to 18, to late 2017's Gazebo, each of Harlow's projects is crafted better than the next. His first mixtape, Finally Handsome, was released on Soundcloud back in 2014, and since then the rapper has found his confidence mastering melodic trap beats that are defining his sound.

Loose was Harlow's official debut with Atlantic Records and a stepping stone into fame. The album shows off his technical skills and allure, while reminding us of his youth and Louisville-bred personality. He elaborated,

"I've created a lot of music with a sort of impromptu style. 'Loose' is really when I started developing that from my free-styling in a booth and just having fun with the records. It's a balance between moving fast, catching a vibe, and tapping into yourself to talk about something specific."  

The rapper recently performed at a number of festivals this summer. He has no other tour dates planned, for now. But make sure to follow what he's up to on his Twitter! And to learn more about Harlow, visit Setlist.Fm's full "Who Is" feature.

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