Yuki Dreams Again's  "Pretty Face" Is a Mantra For Post-Pandemic Dating  [Premiere]

Photo:  William Arcand

Yuki Dreams Again is the earnest moniker of Montréaler Samuel Bocan Biddle, a name so poetic it begs the answer to what made said dream state occur. Samuel, hailing from Montréal is the grandson of local Jazz legend Charlie Biddle, and that depth of music association is clear in his varied musical influences.  

Having spent much of his nascent career as a producer, Yuki Dreams Again's out of focus curiosity and diverse palette makes all the more sense. It is a sound that seems unshy about style and obviousness. With his newly announced EP, Together Alone, Yuki steps out from behind the producing booth to boldly take front and center stage. The full depth of his sleeping conciseness is on fully display, with hints of versatility yet seen.

Profoundness of his unique handles and lineage aside, on “Pretty Face” Yuki provides a bouncy, optimistic beat to encourage you to shed your inner doubts and shake off toxic relationships in spite of their great bone structure. Yuki describes the song as "a very personal song about a relationship I had a couple years ago. I made this song to inspire people to leave anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself."

Co-produced with his friend SORAN, the song soars on a buoyed, emotionally confident beat that inspires the listener to adopt a healthy perspective and to “get out of your chair and put yourself first.” Sounds like an appropriate sonic kick off to post-pandemic dating? Well, it is, and soon we’ll all be dreaming again of our inner positive self, shuffling down the street taking in the sun on our full face.

Listen to  "Pretty Face" below:

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