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Sad Summer Fest is back! This jam-packed, cross-country festival is brimming with talent. Sad Summer Fest is a chance for elder emos to catch a dose of nostalgia with its Warped Tour vibes and for fans, both old and new alike, to bask in the latest and greatest in pop-punk. Need further convincing? Well, The Noise is very excited to give you 10 reasons to attend 2022's Sad Summer Fest.

The Return of The Summer Set

In August 2021, The Summer Set announced via Instagram that they were reuniting, minus former member Josh Montgomery. They released their first single since their 2017 hiatus a few weeks later, called "Street Lightning," and another one on December 3, 2021 titled "Back Together." In 2022, the band has been busy releasing more music, most recently a single with Against The Current, and gearing up for a summer of touring. Seeing them on the Sad Summer stage will be a real treat for any fans of their unique blend of pop-punk and pop-rock.

Waterparks' Headlining Set

It's easy to love these pop-punk heavy hitters for their infectious energy and high-octane live performances. The Houston-hailing three-piece band kicked off 2022 with their latest single “FUNERAL GREY” which features explosive vocals and dance-inducing guitar riffs. So hydrate, and be sure to catch these guys crush their sets.

State Champs Performing Their New Album

Kings of the New Age is, in my opinion, State Champs' best album to date. With its shoutable lyrics, summery pop-punk riffs, and infectious melodies, State Champs are a force to be reckoned with. Seeing these energetic and fun-filled songs live on a stage all summer long will be a sight to see.

Possible Ben Barlow x State Champs Collab

Speaking of State Champs, the crossover of the summer we all need to see live is Ben Barlow of Neck Deep performing "Everybody But You" with the Albany natives. Although short, Ben's collaboration on the song is nothing but special, entering the song with a whimsically melodic bridge. His vocals swing alongside the guitar lines to create a fun moment that shines and will be fantastic to see live!

Cry Along to Mayday Parade

Nothing more to say here other than make sure you pack tissues. Derek Sanders and co. will be sure to put the “sad” in Sad Summer Fest playing fan favorites such as “Miserable At Best” and “Jamie All Over,” as well as heartbreaking songs off their latest LP What It Means To Fall Apart.

Mosh to the New Era of Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan just released their latest single, "Drink Milk and Run," and it, for lack of a better word, absolutely slaps. This volatile single is a sneak peek into the band's new album cycle, which hopefully will be full of mosh-inducing moments, critiques of capitalism and the rich, and a further showcase of the band's growth since their last LP, 2020's you'll be fine. Also, super excited to see the band play tracks from their 2021 I Won't Reach Out to You.

Watch Rising Bands Like Magnolia Park and Games We Play

It makes our hearts happy to see up-and-comers like Magnolia Park and Games We Play thriving and joining bills like this one. Both acts have been super active in the TikTok space and will finally be performing in front of thousands of people for the very first time IRL. Get ready to see viral bangers such as “10 for 10” and “I Hope You’re Happy” played as loud as possible.

LØLØ's Cover of "Teenage Dirtbag"

LØLØ's original music is always a delight to listen to live, especially her most recent single, "THE FLOOR IS LAVA," but her cover of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" is also easily a highlight. Her rendition of the 2000's cult hit is sweet and showcases her powerful and expressive vocal range. Here's to hoping that Wheatus lead singer Brendan Brown joins her on stage like he did at Gov Ball 2022 during JAX's performance of the classic pop-punk love anthem.

Support Live Music

I don't know about you, but I've developed a renewed appreciation for live music since coming out of lockdown. Of course, the pandemic is still a very real issue that we should be mindful of and not sweep under the rug, but with a mask and a vax card in tow, enjoying live music with friends old and new is something I will never take for granted again.

Warped Tour Nostalgia

I think it's easy to say that we miss Warped Tour, but its spirit lives on in festivals like Sad Summer Fest. It's an opportunity for people across the country to connect over their love for these incredible artists for one summer. Under the scorching sun or torrential rain, this community continues to show up to scream their favorite songs at the top of their lungs, start a circle pit in the middle of the crowd, and create new memories, and that's a beautiful thing.

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