347Aidan Plays By His Own Rules on "BAD KIDS"


At only 18-years-old, 347Aidan is well on his way to world domination. If you have a TikTok account, or are remotely familiar with the app, you've more than likely heard his hit single "Dancing in my Room,"   and today, he has returned with a banger of a tune called "BAD KIDS." Perhaps you've already heard "BAD KIDS," with the teaser video garnering hype way ahead of its release, but regardless, it’s one of those songs that everyone, TikTok-user or not, deserves to hear.

"BAD KIDS" reminds me of high school, hanging out until the late hours of the night with your best friends at that one friend's house - the one with the chill parents and garage equipped with a couch, TV, speakers - making semi-unforgettable memories that will stay with you as you grow older. 347Aidan paints a rebellious picture in the first verse, singing, "Says she only hangs out with the bad kids / doin all the drugs that her dad did" and "Teachers mad she's skipping all her classes / taught me how to fall in love with madness." If there is one thing 347Aidan is, it's authentic, and "BAD KIDS" is proof that his unabashed authenticity is serving him well.

347Aidan is notorious for his genre-bending sound, and "BAD KIDS" is no exception to the matter. Taking aspects of indie, alternative, and hip-hop, the instrumentals support the track's rebellious themes. A crunchy guitar riff and upbeat drums accompany 347Aidan as he sings with a "don't give a fuck" kind of tone.

On the release of "BAD KIDS," 347Aidan shares, “My good friend Ben had played me this beat he made when we were at our friends house and I immediately was like, 'You need to send me this.' I went home that night, and I made the song. I was so excited about it that halfway through making it I sent it to the producer, Ben. He came over right away and we just listened to it on repeat in the car because we loved it so much. It's cool to make music with your friends.”

This winter and spring, 347Aidan will be accompanying his genre-blending, scooter riding, bowl-cut companion, Oliver Tree, on a nationwide tour.

Listen to  "BAD KIDS" below:

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