8 Songs To Play While Rolling A Fatty on 4/20


Spring has sprung, and betwixt the melodic chirping of birds and fresh smell of flowers, we find an inspiring national holiday. It's an occasion that grants permission to laugh uncontrollably, cry about the little things, lose track of time and invent new flavor combinations out of the snacks in your cabinet. Peanut butter and pickles? Why not give it a shot. Weed like to celebrate April 20th the right way, so rather than simply wishing our readers a happy 4/20 (blaze it), we took it one step further and curated a playlist of eight trippy songs to play while rolling your second joint of the day. So sink into your couch, grab your favorite snacks and puff, puff pass that aux cord because we've got some real gems for you, bud.

Check out the golden nugs below.

Luke Jr. -  "80 Underwater"


Beginning with pitched down vocals, "80 Underwater" picks up about halfway through and features acutely specific lyrics. Luke Jr. has mastered the art of capturing the importance of a single moment, which also happens to blend seamlessly with a high headspace. The track comes from his three song project A Time of Loss, which is definitely worth a listen. Listen to "80 Underwater" when everyone in the room is at the staring-at-the-walls-contemplating stage of the night.

Juto - "Kiwi"


Juto is currently one of the most underrated rising artists out there, which makes listening to his music feel even more special. "Kiwi" is a head-turner, layered thick and grounded by a seductive bass line. This song is sonic ecstasy and arranged intelligently, complete with a gritty guitar solo and unexpected rhythmic stops. This one is great for a chill night in with some weed, a coloring book and the cat.

Tierra Whack - "Unemployed"


We don't know what Tierra Whack is on, but we want in. The rising artist has taken the industry by storm, recently playing Coachella and set to play Lollapalooza this August. Her entertaining artist persona, zany delivery and offbeat R&B/hip hop music is well-suited for a wake and bake. Her latest song "Unemployed" hits harder than some of her past releases and showcases her affinity for rapidfire verses and creative lyricism.

Noname - "Song 32"


Immediately settling deep into a hard groove, "Song 32" is representative of Noname's jaw-dropping creativity and artistic confidence. Spoken word and sung poetry over a smoking hot track make for an incredibly unique listening experience. This is a great one to play after lighting up, perhaps while people-watching at your local park or mall.

Mellow Fellow - "It's Ok To Dream"


Featuring Ruru, Mellow Fellow's "It's Ok To Dream" is packed full of instrumental surprises and auditory delights. Call it jazz, R&B or even bedroom pop - it'll make you melt into your pillow regardless of how you classify it. Let this Mellow Fellow guide your mind to dreamy places.

Gus Dapperton - "I'm Just Snacking"


How could we not include this song in the roundup? Gus Dapperton's dreamy sound and iconic fashion sense is magnetic, and his song "I'm Just Snacking" speaks to the 4/20 crowd. Aside from the upbeat production and cheerful melodic line, the lyrics could be analyzed and picked apart for hours - a great activity after smoking a joint.

Dayglow - "Fuzzybrain"


Offering a 60's era level of simplicity in his chords, harmonies and use of synth, Dayglow's music sets a positive tone. Both easy listening and slightly trippy, "Fuzzybrain" gently comforts the listener with relatable lyrics and a heartwarming push for self-betterment. He sings,

"Write it down absent of the pen. The sun has been set for hours and she’s rising again. Scattered mind I call it a friend, I wish i thought a bit less and spoke up instead in my head."

Haley Heynderickx - "The Bug Collector"


Haley Heynderickx has a distinct style that will inevitably lead you down the rabbit hole of her entire discography. With vocal processing and instrumentation similar to that of Sufjan Stevens and guitar voicing inspired by 70s folk music, Heynderickx's music is both calming and incredibly thought provoking. "Bug Collector" is a great place to start if you smoke and feel yourself wanting to get weird.

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