anders - "Bad Habits" [Live + Interview] | Northside Sessions

It is only a matter of time until every single soul in Toronto knows the name anders. Emerging from the lush and competitive soundscape that brought us the likes of Drake and The Weeknd, anders' own ominous blend of hip-hop and R&B is nothing short of intoxicating. As part of our latest Northside Sessions, we had the pleasure of heading to Toronto to showcase anders and his distinctive vision for Toronto's musical landscape.

The independent artist gifted us with an electrifying live rendition of his 2019 hit single "Bad Habits" that quickly had us and the entire crowd on one. Showing us first hand why "Bad Habits" has been streamed over four million times in less than a year, anders proved himself as a real one to watch. And be sure to stick around after the performance as we speak to the Toronto artist on the rise about collaborating with Loud Luxury, his documentary feature, and the struggles of being an independent artist.

Discover more of anders' music here.  

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