Ari Chi's  "Next Fall" Is a Poignant Reminder That You Are Loved


To err is human. We are prone to self-criticism, doubt, and a dubious belief we are alone. The ability to self-correct, to balance with self-love and gain confidence from our emotional vulnerability is rarely taught, rarely discussed, and it takes an artist of rare talent to make this point approachable.  

In the deluge of sultry R&B Spotify starlets, Ari Chi separates herself in two distinct ways: her sublime vocal talent is an elixir of the ear, a calling that draw the listener into immediate subconscious attention; then there are her superlative lyrics, honest and endearing, stubbornly shifting you into a conscious state of awareness.  

This double helix of excellence is done with subtle aplomb, and her newest effort “Next Fall” further catalogues her gift. Arriving as a beautiful song and message, “Next Fall" is as an inseparable gift of empathy.  

Ari describes the song as an anthem of sorts, a song "dedicated to letting women know they’re loved and never alone,” a pertinent message given the source of her inspiration was so personal, “I wrote it during a time when I was coming out of my own depression and breaking barriers within myself… it is a reminder for people (especially women) to take their time, live their life day by day with their heads held high."  

If that isn’t poignant enough compulsion to listen to her work, then you are failing yourself, as Ari is the medicine we all seek. And if pride comes before the fall, let her music come after it.    

Listen to  "Next Fall" below:

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