ARI Turns a Nightmare Into the Dance-Inducing Single "Oh Well" [Premiere]


Arianna Hicks, who records under the moniker of ARI, is setting the stage for a promising music career. With lush vocals and undeniable charisma, ARI is the Toronto native destined to be the next rising pop star. Having amassed over 195k fans and counting, there is no doubt that ARI will continue to turn heads worldwide with her magnetic personality.

Her debut single, "Nothin but a Monster" introduced ARI as the inextinguishable flame we did not know we needed. With waves of alternative pop and R&B, "Nothin but a Monster" incorporates breathy percussion and intoxicating electronics that will leave you speechless.  

ARI's sophomore single, premiering here today, sees the pop star in the making following up her debut offering with an intoxicating, dance-inducing outing. Pairing ARI's emotive vocals with a backing beat that never falters, "Oh Well" is nothing short of captivating from start to finish. Yet, within the entrancing world ARI whisks into existence, there lies a darker side.  

On her sophomore single, ARI reflected,

"'Oh Well' is about a dream I had one night. I woke up in a strange place surrounded by people to find my voice had been forcefully ripped away. There was nothing I could say or do to get people to notice me. After panicking, I became numb to the feeling all at once. This song plays on my ability to constantly feel as if there’s nothing I can say or do that’s right. 'Is it all a waste of my time, is it all made up in my mind' speaks to that paranoid feeling that maybe is my own doing but I can't get away from and since it’s such a recurring instance its become almost an unwelcome friend"

Like many artists today, ARI's discography touches on themes of life, lust, love, and heartbreak, but where the talented songstress differs is her ability to genuinely connect with listeners. As someone who has gained major successes by resonating with an online audience, ARI is taking her interpersonal skills to another level with passionate music. Although ARI currently only has two singles to her name, we highly suggest you keep her on your radar, because there is no telling how far this driven artist will go.

Listen to  "Oh Well" below, and keep an eye out for ARI's debut EP, Idiotgrl, due out this June:

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