Ashe Reflects on a Messy Divorce in the Magnificent "Moral Of The Story"


I dare say, Ashe has just released her best single to date. The effervescent ray of Los Angeles sunshine personified originally stole our hearts with her spectacular debut EP, The Rabbit Hole. And now, currently on tour throughout Europe and North America with Quin XCII, Ashe has returned with just the perfect single for that oh-so-special season.

"Moral Of The Story," which is executively produced by FINNEAS and features a lyrical contribution from Billie Eilish, is Ashe quite unlike we have ever seen her. A reflection on her messy divorce, the striking number pierces the heart with far greater accuracy and power than Cupid's bow. And while Ashe's talent for impressive, emotionally-laden songwriting is nothing new, the grand level that is on display here is simply captivating.

Ashe absolutely soars through a track brimming with sardonic wit and wreathed in poignant vulnerability. From its quietest of moments to impassioned outbursts, "Moral Of The Story" feels like it could double as the grand sweeping finale to a musical.  Singing to the heavens, "You can think you're in love/ When you're really just in pain," the rising singer-songwriter does not just paint a picture of love and loss but pulls us into this magnificent cinematic world she is actively weaving into existence.  

Ashe spoke on the heart-rending single, sharing,

"This time a year ago I was dreading the arrival of Valentine's Day knowing my marriage was on the verge of collapse. Months later than I should have, I moved out of my house, filed for divorce and left for tour. Faced with a broken relationship and no immediate answers to as to why we failed, writing 'Moral of the Story' became my way of making sense of it all."

Listen to "Moral of the Story" below:  

For more from Ashe, revisit our rooftop performance with the ray of sunshine below.

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